Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to Work

So, the boys went to the Knicks/Celtics game tonight. The Boston Boys got beat....ouch. Scott goes back to Utah Valley University on Monday and hits the books again. Adam is back to work composing music and engineering music for Pulse Music in NYC. Emily is committed to Weight Watchers after a holiday season of way too much good food. Grandmama is off to work earlier than any of us everyday and doing her finance magic at the dance studio. Jon continues to sub at Windham High and teaches lots of little girls how to dance. I am casting Cinderella and rehearsing for a Tap Show this week. Check out the Miele Davis blog for info on Janet, Glenn and Emma.

We sure miss the boys already, but we will see Adam in NY in a few weeks. Jon & Emily will hopefully get to see Scott in Florida in mid-March. In the meantime, we will miss them and the family will be incomplete. We keep busy and are comforted with the knowledge that each of us is working hard and serving in our Church callings.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Home For Christmas

Christmas Eve tradition...all kids under the tree and strike a pose.

Happy New Year!

Here's the Happy Family.
Adam & Scott have been home for Christmas break and we've had a sweet time. We love having the family together even though Grandmama cheats at cards.

Down Home Road

Down Home Road
Ruby in the Big Snow